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We will come to your location, tour the premises, and assess the potential security risks that exist. We customize the services we offer in accordance with your espoused needs and preferences. Complete the following form with your information, and message and a member of our team will respond promptly.

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Mobile Patrols Services - Vadium Security

The one-stop shop for all your security requirements

It makes no difference what the climate, situation, or circumstances are – we are available to offer the protection you seek at an economical rate, and help your operations run smoothly. We seek to work with you to eliminate unpleasant surprises, safeguard your enterprise, and help your staff feel secure. The following are only some of the services we can offer:


  1. Mobile patrols
  2. Alarm response
  3. Static guarding
  4. Access control
  5. Event security
  6. Residential security
  7. Staff escort and shift-change attendance (Safe Walks)
  8. Security-oriented supplementary staffing

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