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Vadium Security is in the business of keeping BC Interior businesses safe and secure. We understand the ramifications of loss and business-interruption, and work hard to win the confidence of our clients. By providing a superior quality of professional security services, we seek to establish long-term, trusting relationships with our clients.

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Event Security

Event Security

Vadium Security provides the Event Security needed to keep everyone safe at large and small events in the Interior B.C.


Our team of qualified specialists will provide the services necessary to safeguard your event at all hours of the day and night, from weekdays to holidays. Our team has experience in large Okanagan events including the Roots and Blues festival, Monashee Music Festival and the like. We can assist you with any event, whether it is a wedding, sporting event, music festival, or a rodeo.


We can help whether you have a liquor licence and a beer garden, or if you are just concerned about youngsters being separated from their parents. Our professional officers are trained in every area of event security, whether it is indoors or outdoors, open or closed, large or small.


We provide you with a service you can rely on. Whether you require us for a short or long-term contract, we will make sure that our services meet your demands.


We can assist with event security planning, emergency response planning, establishing communications, artist, staff and attendee safety procedures, security screening and access control, etc.

Guard Services

Static Guard Services

Our licensed and professional security officers are courteous, dependable, and trustworthy, and are skilled in a range of activities:

  • Retail security/loss prevention in uniform or plain clothes
  • Premises guarding
  • Security staff supplementation
  • Patrols at hotels, motels, businesses
  • Fire Watch

Vadium Security is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. Our officers are trained in instructor led Customer Service training with the principles taught by industry leading hospitality corporations. Vadium teaches our officers to take pride in their presentation and deportment. Vadium understands that the professionalism and presentation of our officers not only represents Vadium Security, but also you, our client. By training our team in a customer service first approach, we feel it sets our team up for success from first interaction.

We rely on post orders which are drawn up in consultation with the client to ensure clarity of duties and ensure clear alignment between client expectations and our performance. Post orders are unique to every site and are based on client needs and advice provided by Vadium Security. Officers are provided site-specific training prior to deployment based on the agreed post orders.

Activity reports are generated for each shift and are available for client scrutiny. Any incident reports are forwarded to clients as quickly as possible after an event.

Our officers can create incident reports through your reporting software or use the Tracktik® reporting software we offer to our clients.

Vadium Security will work on both short and long-term contracts.

We provide a level of service that our rivals aspire to and that our clients rely on.

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Loss Prevention

Loss prevention

The Vadium Security management team has experience in all aspects of loss prevention. From simple theft deterrence and technical solutions to extraordinarily complex investigations of internal theft of commodities up to and including currency, precious metals and diamonds, our team will work to build the right solution for you.Retailers in the Interior B.C. face a variety of external forces that are beyond their control that affect their Bottomline. Profits are threatened by factors such as decreasing consumer spending and rising operational costs. One of the key areas where business owners can exercise control over their bottom line is loss prevention. Unfortunately, shoplifting and employee theft are two of the most serious financial concerns. Having a loss-prevention officer on staff is less expensive than many business owners think. Contact us to see whether one of our experienced and trustworthy employees can help your Interior B.C. business prevent theft and establish a secure and professional work environment.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Vadium Security is devoted to continual growth and following best practices for our mobile fleet and officers. Vadium Security currently has a fleet of 10 vehicles throughout the BC Interior. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have switched over 50% of our fleet to fully electric vehicles.


Our mobile officers are equipped with Tracktik ® mobile devices that allow for real-time and post-review geo-tracking, patrol verification and mobile reporting with photo and/or video. This reporting can be forwarded directly to our clients indicating the time the patrol was on site, scanned checkpoints, and reported incidents.


Our officers will patrol your premises for any signs of entry or damage, as well as suspicious activity. Our officers are trained to look out for not just security issues but also other areas of safety and concern such as burnt-out lighting, blocked egress routes, slip hazards, etc.


If our officers find areas of concern, they will escalate these issues according to the hierarchy of events that have been arranged through our clients. Our first point of contact would be our 24/7  Vadium Dispatcher who has access to all Post Orders and Client Emergency Contact Lists. Escalation would progress through Vadium and/or client management as deemed necessary.


As part of our Mobile Security program, Vadium Security offers Alarm Response options to our clients. Our 24/7 Dispatch team receives the call from the alarm monitoring station and our officers respond per the clients’ instructions. In the event of a suspected break-in, our Dispatch would notify the client emergency contact and/or the RCMP as necessary. Our officers remain at the site until the premises can be secured.